Vintage Sewing Podcast – 1930s Holiday Wear Project

As promised, when I did my first Vintage Crochet Podcast, here is it’s sister one, my first Vintage Sewing Podcast. In episode one I focus on the the sewing projects I’m currently working on to create a 1930s holiday wear capsule wardrobe. This follows on from my last post about the inspiration for my 1930s beach pyjamas and now you get to see the fabric that I’ve chosen. It’s from somewhere quite unusual.

I also talk about the other pieces I want to make and show you the inspiration behind them, the fabrics and trimmings I’ve chosen and the patterns I’m going to use. Hopefully, this will give you a little insight into the process I go through when trying to decide on the garments to sew. It seems bizarre to condense it down into such a short video, but trust me, I spend hours thinking over what I want to make, how it’s going to look and what fabrics to use. It’s more like months than minutes!

Below I have listed the relevant links to the fabrics, buttons, trims and sewing patterns that I’m going to be using for your reference.

As always, I hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching!

Chosen Fabrics

Sailboat viscose challis fabric – Fabric Godmother

Red cotton twill fabric – Acorn Fabrics

Striped cotton linen – Seasalt

Navy linen look cotton – White Lodge Fabric

Chosen Trims & Buttons

Red rope cord – My Fabrics

Vintage white nautical buttons – Betty and Me

1930s yellow Bakelite buttons – Shepton Mallet Flea Market

Chosen Sewing Patterns

1970s summer top – The Vintage Bazaar 

1930s shorts pattern – Vintage Pattern Lending Library

Record Fashions Magazine blog post

Other Notable Links

1930s nautical shorts inspiration – Allure Original Styles

1930s style red and white shoes – Royal Vintage Shoes

1930s gingham crochet jumper outfit post



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  1. Hi Cate, I really enjoyed your podcast, and I look forward to seeing the items as you make them! I think the lovely red fabric for the shorts would also make some great trousers to go with the red and blue crochet top you are wearing 🙂

    • Thank you Alison! The red twill fabric is actually designed for men’s trousers, so it certainly would be great for some women’s ones. I already have red wide leg trousers from Pretty Retro, but they’re a slightly different shade to the red in my jumper. Maybe I need to make my own! 🙂 xx

  2. I love the items you picked out for your capsule wardrobe! I especially love the yellow buttons you have for your beach pyjamas. I nearly bought some navy colored nautical buttons, identical to the ones you got for your shorts, for the wide leg trousers I made recently. I’m in the process of planning what things I want to make for a cold weather holiday wardrobe since I’m coming to the U.K. in October!

    • Oh wow, whereabouts will you be staying? Do DM me on Instagram and let me know your plans! Just a warning, October can sometimes be quite warm and other times quite cold. We’ve been known to have both an Indian summer and snow during October! xx

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