How to Make Your Own Handmade Christmas Hampers

Before I start I want to apologise for two things. Firstly, I’m going to mention the C word. Yes, that’s right, Christmas. And secondly, the quality of the photos in this post are shockingly bad. They were taken last Christmas … Continue reading

The Wise Words of Joan Holloway

Joan’s wise words have been rolling around in my head quite a bit lately. I’m 40, about to hit 41 in a few weeks, and sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror I feel I am dressing too … Continue reading

A Big Slàinte Mhath! to Edinburgh – Day 1

If you follow my Instagram account you may have noticed that a couple of weeks ago I spent a long weekend in Edinburgh. I had an absolutely amazing time. It is such a beautiful city and, I have to say, I was very … Continue reading

My Life With Cilla

When the advert came on TV at work (yes we have a TV at work) for the new series of Cilla my boss instantly went into moaning mode and asked ‘Why the hell do we need a programme about her?’. … Continue reading

Michael Kors Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Yes, you read that right, I’m doing a post on a designer’s range that hasn’t even come out yet! Stop the press, I’m actually writing about the future and not the past. And no, I haven’t lost my mind. Once … Continue reading

Shepton Mallet Flea Market Bargains – Part 4

A week ago on Sunday I headed down to my favourite flea market at Shepton Mallet. However, this time it was a family affair with my mum, dad, uncle and cousin in tow. It would seem that I am convincing everyone … Continue reading

I wish I could knit

I recently entered a competition on the Crinoline Robot blog which is written by the lovely Mim who actually is one of the very few vintage blog writers that is vaguely in my neck of the woods. Every year she … Continue reading