Finished: 1930s Gingham Jumper in Crochet

1930s gingham jumper in crochet

Outfit Details 1930s Gingham Jumper – Made by me 1930s White Linen Skirt – Made by me 1930s Reproduction Shoes – Royal Vintage Shoes 1930s Navy Crochet Handbag – Kate Kitsch Lapis Lazuli Drop Earrings – Shepton Mallet Flea Market 1930s Style Sunglasses – Had them for years… Continue Reading

Finished: 1930s Winter Coat in Textured Teal Wool

Finished: 1930S Winter Coat in Textured Teal Wool

Outfit Details 1930s Winter Coat in Teal Wool – Made by Me 1930s Teal Wool Hat – The Washerwoman Faux Fur Scarf – Helen Moore 1930s Brown Suede Gloves – Stardust Year Vintage 1930s Brown Leather Handbag – Dairy House Antiques 1930s Brown Leather Shoes – UK Charm Vintage 1930s… Continue Reading

Finished: 1930s Ruffles Almost-Vintage Dress

1930s ruffles dress

Outfit Details 1930s Ruffles Dress – Made by Me 1930s Black Hat – The Washerwoman Vintage White Leather Gloves  – Dig for Victory Show 1940s Black Cordé Clutch – Shepton Mallet Flea Market 1930s Reproduction Shoes – Aris Allen Silver Celtic Earrings – Had for years This gorgeous 1930s dress was… Continue Reading

The Almost-Never-Was 1930s Coral Outfit

1930s Coral Outfit

Outfit Details 1930s Bow Blouse – Made by Me 1930s Pleated Skirt – Made by Me White Vintage Handbag – Lewes Flea Market White 1940s Style Shoes – Miss L Fire Turquoise Drop Earrings – Made by Me 1930s Style Sunglasses – eBay After completing my burgundy collection, which was very… Continue Reading

The Most Summery of all Summery 1930s Dresses

The Most Summery of all Summery 1930s Dresses

Outfit Details Late 1930s/Early 1940s Yellow Floral Dress – Made by Me 1930s Straw Hat – Shepton Mallet Flea Market Pink Straw Handbag – Marks & Spencer White 1940s Style Shoes – Miss L Fire 1930s Jade Earrings – A Gift Brown Seam Stockings – What Katie Did At… Continue Reading