Christmas Comes Early with Dot Com Gift Shop

Dot Com Gift Shop

Earlier this year I was surprised and delighted to be included within one of Dot Com Gift Shop’s blog posts. The post in question was all about bags that evoke memories and they’d spotted the 1940s Cordé story on my blog and thought it fitted in perfectly. I have to say I totally agree! Following on from that I was invited to be part of their favourite bloggers section in their email newsletters, where they feature interesting posts from around the blogosphere. Of course I said yes, I was honoured.

Roll on to a few weeks ago and I was very kindly offered both a small gift from the company, as well as a £30 voucher to spend on anything I wanted on Well, it would be rude to say no to lovely free gift!

Glass Hanging Frame

So what did I get? Well, the gift I was sent was this gorgeous glass hanging frame. I tried desperately to take my own shot of this with a beautiful photo of my Mum’s Great Aunt and Great Grandmother from the 1920s displayed in it, but they all came out really dark. So, instead this shot is from their website. It’s got a beautiful vintage vibe to it and looks really lovely with an old photo in it. I plan to hang mine in my hallway with a number of other small frames with old family photos in it.

Wooden sewing box

The first thing I knew I wanted to get with my voucher was this oh-so-handy sewing box. It’s made in a sturdy wood and has been printed with an oversized tape measure down one side. It has six good sized sections to put all of your sewing bits and pieces.

The reason I wanted this is so that I could be more organised with each project I do. Generally when I’m sewing a garment there are buttons, buckles, threads, pins, scraps of fabric and so much more dotted all around the kitchen where I do my work. I’m forever losing bits, so I though when I start a project I can keep everything I need for it in this box and then just move that around as needed. Less chaos and more organisation makes Cate a happy bunny!

This particular box is no longer available on Dot Com Gift Shop’s website, however, there are other versions still up for grabs. You can see them all in their sewing boxes category.

Dot Com Gift Shop sewing goodies

Next up was another few sewing goodies, an apple pin cushion, a pair of stork scissors and a small box of handy plastic head pins, which are all part of their Vintage Crafts range. Would you believe I’ve never owned a pin cushion before? I know and I’m forever losing pins down the side of the sofa when I’m hand sewing. Yep, more organisation! Hopefully this will save me having to buy more for a while.

And on that note, these pins are fab. They’re really sharp and I haven’t had any issues with any of them. The previous Hemline box that I bought from my local sewing shop were dreadful. I’ve thrown half of them away because they were blunt at the sharp end! These are so much better.

Despite being totally gorgeous, the stork scissors aren’t quite as sharp as the tiny sewing scissors I already own that I use instead of a seam ripper. However, I didn’t ever buy them for this intention, but rather to have a little pair handy with my crocheting and these are just perfect. They’re sharp enough to cut yarn without any problems and now sit proudly amongst my crochet hook collection.

Flower head pins

I also bought this super cute pin wheel with 30 flower head pins in it. This was literally bought just because I thought it was adorable, however, the pins are very handy. They’re longer than normal pins by 2 cms, so they’re really helpful when you need to hold something really slippery in place. Again they’re nice and sharp, no blunt tops and, of course, they’re very very pretty.

Dot Com Gift Shop Jumbo Bag

Lastly, I bought this jumbo storage bag because I desperately needed somewhere to store my ever growing yarn collection. When I unfolded the bag I realised just how enormous it was, my yarns only fill about half of it. Great excuse to buy more yarn then! It’s really handy though and, because it’s really flexible, you can squish it into any tight space. Mine’s wedged between a unit and the bottom step underneath my stairs.

The fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles (Yay for recycling!) and there are so many different designs on offer. This particular design is called Summer Meadow and I thought it had a slight 1930s vibe to it. There’s also lots of different sizes, so if this would be too big for you then you could go for the shopper, the smaller Charlotte bag or even a lunch bag.

I’m so pleased with all my goodies (thanks guys!) and I’d highly recommend Dot Com Gift Shop if you’re looking for any last minute gifts. As well as their main products, they’ve got a fabulous range of stocking fillers if you’re stuck for little add on pressies. Just be aware that their last day to order is Monday 19th December.


Just a vintage gal suffering from the Golden Age syndrome. A lover of all things old, especially the 1930s, seamstress, crocheter, maker of hats and enjoys rummaging at flea markets.


    • Oh obviously! And I’m sure it won’t be hard, I’ve already bought another three balls of wool this week! xx

  1. Lots of lovely sewing gift ideas there Cate! I could do with a bit more organisation too. And more pins, where do they disappear to?! X

    • I know! I can’t tell you the number of pins that have disappeared from my possession over the years. It doesn’t help though that I have them dotted all over the house, you’ll even find the odd one or two on the carpet sometimes! xx

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