Hollywood Beauty Book Review & Giveaway!

Hollywood Beauty book

As this is my last post before Christmas I’ve decided to give you the chance to win yourself a little treat. However, before we plough into the giveaway, let me tell you a few things about this brilliant new book, Vintage Secrets: Hollywood Beauty. Not only is it a great read but, as we all make plans every New Year to better ourselves, I thought this would make a great gift for someone who vows to improve their vintage beauty regimes next year.

This fun and insightful book was written by Laura Slater who previously wrote Vintage Secrets: Hollywood Diet and Fitness. It’s packed full of helpful hints and tips on different beauty techniques used by Hollywood’s Silver Screen goddesses. Every vintage gal’s favourite icon is included from Clara Bow to Bette Davis and from Veronica Lake to Sophia Loren.

Hollywood Secrets book

However, it also every now and again refers to some of those beautiful women who grace our screens today, such as Carey Mulligan and Emma Stone, who clearly take inspiration from the past in the way they style themselves. This allows the book to appeal to both the authentic vintage aficionados, as well as the modern reproduction gals.

It includes advice on perfecting your base, lips and eyes as well as focusing on hands, nails and the whole body. It doesn’t forget about your crowning glory either, with guidance on how to style your hair to suit the shape of your face and putting your essential hair styling kit together.

Hollywood Secrets book

The 112 page book is put together in a way that makes it easy to pick up and put down whenever you have a few minutes to spare, so keeping it handy on your coffee table is a must. I personally love the little quotes from the goddesses themselves, such as “Even when I’m at home alone, I wear my lipstick. I feel naked without it.” – Bette Davis. Okay, ‘fess up, who does that too?

I already do a few of the things suggested in the book, such as going one day a week without make up to let my skin breathe just as Hedy Lamarr did (usually the day no one sees me!). I also drink at least twelve glasses of water a day (yes, true story, I’m obsessed with the stuff!) but I can’t say my complexion is blemish-free like Greta Garbo’s.

Hollywood Secrets book

I can’t wait to find out what else I can add to my routine to help give me that extra bit of Hollywood beauty. I know there’s still plenty more in the book for me to learn about and improve on. And you never know, I may even do a blog post or two as I perfect my techniques.

Hollywood Beauty Book Giveaway Details

To be in with a chance of winning a copy of this fab little book all you have to do is leave a comment below letting me know what your favourite beauty tip is. One winner will be chosen at random and will receive the book in January, just in time for those New Year’s resolutions!

The giveaway will run from today (Monday 19th December 2016) until midnight on Monday 26th of December, so if you don’t get it from Father Christmas you’ll still be in with a chance of receiving it as a gift afterwards. Please be sure to include your email address in the field provided (don’t worry, it won’t be published) when posting your entry otherwise I won’t be able to contact you about your prize if you win. Good luck!

And before I go, I just want to thank you all for your amazing support this year and I truly hope you have a wonderful Christmas. See you all in the New Year!

I was gifted the Hollywood Beauty book by Plexus Publishing in exchange for this review. However, all views expressed are my own and reflect my honest opinions.


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  1. Fab giveaway! I love a good matte red lipstick, but they are so drying on the lips! I like a good lip scrub with brown sugar to keep my pout plump and flake free! Makes all the difference!

    • Oh, I’ve never tried a scrub on my lips, I may have to give that a go as mine are usually a mess in the winter. Thanks for the tip! xx

  2. Oh go on, stick me in the giveaway.

    My favourite beauty tip. Errrr… Not sure I’m qualified to give out beauty tips. I guess it’s “You only have one skin, so look after it.” Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise, stay out of the sun, and don’t go to be with a face full of makeup.

    • Totally agree on the never going to bed with make up on, I always fully remove mine. I know if I don’t I’ll have a break out the next day. xx

  3. Use a honey/brown sugar scrub on the face to clean up anything loose plus the honey moisturizers the skin. Plus, a little loose powder on the lips before you put on your lipstick will help set it so it won’t bleed.

    • I always put powder on my lips before applying lipstick, it really helps it last too. I’ll have to try a honey and brown sugar scrub as I no longer want to use the shop bought scrub I use at the moment because it contains microbeads. Thanks for the tip, I’ll be sure to give it a go! xx

    • Hehehe! Yes, I have heard of this one before but have never tried it myself. xx

    • Aw, that’s lovely Jennifer, thank you! A smile goes a long way. xx

  4. Oh what a darling book. Thank you for the review. One of my favorite beauty tips I received from a friends drag queen roommate. If you want to make your eyes appear larger and more alert, but white eyeshadow in the inside corners of your eye, and a bit to the nose. I use it every day I wear makeup.

    • Thanks for the tip Carla! I’ve heard of using white on the bottom lid before but never on the nose. xx

  5. Cate!! Your blog is so delicious – I follow it faithfully. And now a book giveaway?! Splendid!! You helped me with hair rolling/setting tips a while back. I used Lotta Body setting lotion until someone recommended beer! It’s an inexpensive setting lotion that dries odorless and makes me feel so very period!

    • Oh Carol, thank you, I can’t tell you how much appreciate your lovely comments. I have never heard of using beer as a setting lotion before, that’s defintiely a new one on me. I cannot imagine what that’s like to use xx

  6. As I live where winter is very drying and I forget/can’t be bothered to apply body lotion after bathing, I use a easy to make body scrub using coconut oil, sugar, and coffee ground in the shower. It removes dead skin cells and gives just the right amount of moisture to keep my skin soft.

    • There’s been a lot of mentions of oil and sugar scrubs so far and I really think I need to try this now! I’m so used to sticking to the same old things, so perhaps my New Year’s resolution should be to try as many suggestions made here as possible. xx

  7. Lovely review. Personally my favourite beauty tip is for your entire body. Mix plain ole fashioned sugar with good quality olive oil and a few drops of essential oil, mix well and massage all over your damp skin in the shower. I discovered it after a bad attempt at self tan 5 years ago and I swear by it for baby soft and cellulite free skin. Can be customised with brown sugar, coconut oil, different oils and things like ground rice and ground coffee for an extra boost. xxx

    • Thanks Naomi! Doesn’t the coffee ground stain your skin? I’d be worried of being blotchy afterwards! xx

      • No it doesnt leave your skin blotchy at all. It simply helps your circulation and any colouration just washes off.

  8. I always say to drink a lot of water!!

    • Me too! However, I’ve never done it for my complexion or health reasons, I just love water!

  9. Fab giveaway. My favourite beauty tip is to mix olive oil with sugar and use it as a scrub to tackle the hard skin on your feet and heels.

    • I’m terrible at looking after my feet so maybe I should try this too! Thanks for the tip.

  10. This book sounds wonderful! My makeup hack is vaseline. It keeps my lips soft, I can use it to set my eyebrows, and, perhaps, my fave – you can use it to turn your powder blush or eye shadow into lipstick. Just mix a little bit of the powder with vaseline until you get the right consistency and the color pigmentation that you like and ta-da, instant blue or green lipstick

    • Ah yes, the old faithful Vaseline. I haven’t bought any in years, maybe it’s time to change that! xx

  11. Looks like a great book! Right now my favorite beauty tip is using pure sweet almond oil as a moisturizer. It’s gentle on the skin and all natural! I also really like sugar scrubs mixes with essential oils.

    • Now that’s one I’ve not heard of. I know coconut oil is the oil of the moment, but I wouldn’t even know where to find sweet almond oil. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. xx

  12. Is this included in beauty? Oh well anyway: if you have pierced ears, always wear earrings! Someone told me that when I got mine pierced as a little girl, and for a while it felt constricting, but I’ve really embraced it in the past few years. I put earrings on even when I’m not leaving the house, like some do with lipstick 🙂

    • Oh I can’t do that. I wear them every time I leave the house, no exceptions, but the second I come in all of my jewellery has to come off. My mum always wears her earrings, day and night! xx

  13. It sounds like a great book, full of lots of tips. I’m not sure that I am well qualified to give beauty tips but I can give a favourite product. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. Great on lips, elbows, heels, sore noses after a cold, sunburn etc. A bit pricey but a tube lasts ages.

  14. Oooh, this looks lovely! My favourite beauty tip is probably using coconut oil for everything. I use it to shave my legs, to moisturise, add sugar to make a scrub and even as conditioner!

  15. Someone said coffee?! Next time you brew a pot, use the grinds on your hands on the sink. (Let them cool first of course!) No need to add anything. Just scrub a handful on your hands then continue washing the coffee pot when you are done.

  16. This book looks fantastic. It’s fascinating learning about how fashions and makeup trends have changed through time, and how they reflect history and the changing perceptions of beauty. My favourite beauty tip is a vintage tip used my Marilyn Monroe; putting sea salt in your baths to exfoliate your skin. Now of course, we have updated it by using bath salts, but regardless it’s a simple yet effective tip!

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