Five Unique Vintage Inspired Holidays – Wednesday Wish List #14

I am in serious need of a holiday! Things have been so stressful over the last couple of weeks and I really, really need a break. Unfortunately I don’t have anything booked until September when I’ll be heading up to Edinburgh for a long weekend of shopping, indulging and general touristing and I just cannot wait.

Vintage stress

In the meantime I need something to keep me going and I’ve seem to have taken to drooling over places I want to escape to on the internet. Whilst it’s great to go abroad, it’s not always practical, or affordable, and, to be honest, I actually really enjoy discovering new places in the UK I’ve never been to before. We have an amazing country with so much to offer, and so much history to explore, which lends itself perfectly to many wonderful vintage ideas for really unusual getaways. So this week’s Wednesday Wish List is a selection of incredible holidays I would love to go on that have a fantastic vintage twist.

The Mission at Vintage Vacations, Isle of Wight

Vintage Vacations

Vintage Vacations are based in the lovely Isle of Wight, a firm favourite of the Mods during the 1960s. Today the isle sees thousands of enthusiasts descend on its shores every August bank holiday for the annual scooter rally where most participants envoke their 1960s counterparts’ spirits and dress, not only themselves but their scooters too, in head to toe Mod.

Styled in a mid-century fashion, all of Vintage Vacations holiday properties are just the thing for anyone who loves to be transported back to that time. They have a wide range of Airstreams and vintage caravans in their main site but also have unique properties dotted across the isle for those who prefer not to stay on wheels.

My favourite is The Mission, a tin tabernacle that was originally built in 1895. Outside has virtually remained the same, although a lick of green and red paint certainly makes it stand out. However, inside it is a concoffany of different 1950s and 60s styles with original cinema seating, mid-century cabinets and, my favourite, an original 1950s ‘English Rose’ kitchen.

Snooze, Brighton


Talking of Mods, I love Brighton! An ex of mine was very much into the Mod scene and we used to visit there regularly, exploring the shops (amazing shops!) and having incredible nights out. It was always my dream to move down there and buy a house overlooking the beach. That was until I saw the house prices!

The next time I go down I am definitely staying at Snooze B&B. It looks so funky, so retro and so me. Each of its six rooms are completely unique, all with their own particular theme from mid-century mellow yellow to upmarket flea market to swinging sixties, which is my particular favourite.

Or you can choose from the two Snooze Suites, both tucked away on the top floor (penthouses, don’t you know?). Each one is decorated in smooth Seventies style with shag pile carpets, huge sprawling beds Austin Powers would be proud of and plenty of animal print and leather. Meow!

The Big Green Bus, East Sussex

The Big Green Bus

“We’re all going on a summer holiday…” Okay, so it’s not a red London bus, Cliff Richard is nowhere in sight and we’re not off to Athens but you can use your imagination. I love the thought of sleeping in a double decker, it would feel like you were doing something you shouldn’t.

This fantastic big green bus is a 1982 West Midlands metro bus that’s been converted to sleep up to 6 people. With it’s own full size kitchen, lounge with a log burner, a chill out space and even a wet room you certainly wouldn’t be roughing it. This is ultimate glamping!

Set in the heart of the Sussex countryside, it has its own decking, fire pit for those chilly evenings and it’s own pond. It’s only 25 minutes from Brighton and Hove, so you can have the best of both worlds, the bustling city during the day and retiring to the country at night.

Wanderlusts Gypsy Caravans, Lake District

anderlusts gypsy caravan holidays

Disappearing into the back lanes of the countryside in a gypsy caravan is something I have always wanted to do. It appeals to my hippy side, the thought of leaving behind the chaos of everyday life and setting up camp wherever I chose (okay, pre-organised destinations). Obviously the novelty would wear off quickly and I’d be screaming for the internet within days!

Set deep in the Lake District, this experience holiday is the real deal. You get to take control of the horses, after a little instruction of course, and the organisers are always nearby if you get into trouble. They will also set up a fire for you at your destination in the evening and leave you to enjoy the night out in the open.

I love this idea! For me, it’s right up there with doing a cattle ride across America. There’s a horse theme going on here and yet, I haven’t ridden in years.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Okay, this is technically a foreign one, but it does start in the UK. This indulgent holiday idea takes you from London all the way through to Venice (a destination that is on my bucket list). Starting from Victoria Station you take a Belmond British Pullman train through to France where you are met by the navy and gold carriages of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

It’s not the original Orient Express as written about by Agatha Christie as this ceased in 2007 but the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is as close as you’re going to get. During the journey you are treated to champagne, European cuisine cooked using local produce picked up along the way and accommodation in the lovingly restored Art Deco cabins.

Once you get to Venice you get to stay in the luxurious Belmond Hotel Cipriani right on the tip of Giudecca Island which, of course, you reach by boat. It overlooks a lagoon and at night you can sit on the terrace and view the whole of Venice by night. What could be more perfect? This is definitely on my wish list of things to do if I ever get rich!


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  1. I’m with you on the Orient Express! That’s high on my wishlist.

    I went to Burgh Island earlier this year, which was lovely.

    • Oh yeah, I saw that. It looked like a fab place to stay. I may have to check that out next time I head down to Devon.

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