1920s Fashion Illustration Book

1920s illustrations book

I picked up this beautiful book in a shop called Scrubby Nelly’s (brilliant name!) that sits tucked away in Wilton Shopping Village. The shop itself really is the only shop worth going to in this place as all the others are much more targeted at the older lady but we were killing time before going home and we thought we’d check it out.

Scrubby Nelly’s is full of vintage clothing, random vintage bits and pieces and an amazing range of upcycled furniture. If you’re in the area I would definitely recommend checking it out. There’s also an antiques store there that looked full of 1920s paraphernalia but, unfortunately when we were there, it was closed.

The 1920s Fashion Design book was published in 1998 and looks nothing spectacular from the outside. In fact, this version looked like it has sat in a very sunny spot for most of its life. But when you open it up you are met with an enormous array of 1920 fashion illustrations of just about every item of clothing possible, including women’s wear, men’s wear and children’s wear. I’ve tried to photograph some of my favourites but I really need a a new camera so they’re not as good as I’d hoped.

1920s dresses illustration

1920s dresses illustration

1920s daywear illustration

1920s daywear illustration

1920s coats illustration

1920s umbrellas illustration

1920s cover ups illustration

1920s aprons illustration

1920s slips illustration

1920s lingerie illustration

1920s men's suits illustration

1920s men's accessories illustration


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