Review: Claret Cherie Teddy by Kiss Me Deadly

Kiss Me Deadly Claret Cherie Teddy

I’ve had my eye on the Cherie Teddy from Kiss Me Deadly for a while, ever since I saw it at Paolita in London, a swimwear boutique that Kiss Me Deadly used to share space in. The one I saw at the time was the dusky pink version they sell on their website (apparently stock is now very limited) and I thought it was beautiful but not really my colour. However, when they released it in red I was rather excited to see it in the flesh.

What I quickly found out was that the Cherie (not sure of the name as it reminds of Cherie Blair!) Teddy in Claret was being made exclusively for retro lingerie brand, Joanna’s Wardrobe. As you may know, I’ve become a recent fan of this brand, having fallen in love with their Grace Bra & Ella Knickers, so had no worries about ordering it.

Kiss Me Deadly Claret Cherie Teddy front

The claret version is made in a stretch satin fabric, rather than the stretch silk of the dusky pink version, which has brought the cost down by £20 to £59. However, all other fabrics and details have been kept the same and I, personally, think it looks just as beautiful.

The design of the teddy itself is based on an original 1950s piece and is made to be loose on the body. I ordered the large size and, to be honest, probably could’ve fitted into the medium, but I was a little concerned about the cups not fitting around my 34DD chest. The large fits me well, although it’s a little loose around the crotch area, and the cups give me good coverage so that I’m not popping out all of the time!

Kiss Me Deadly Claret Cherie Teddy cup

The contrasting lace cups are a triangle shape and are very soft, without any lining, giving a seductive look when wearing it. The lace continues as a band across the whole of the top edge and is layered over the satin at the back, all of which makes it look expensive (a cheap copy would’ve just had the front cups in lace and I have a particular high street brand in mind when I say this!).

Kiss Me Deadly Claret Cherie Teddy bow

The bust line is finished with a cute black ribbon bow between the cups which I almost wish was a little bigger, a bit like the bows on the Kiss Me Deadly longline girdles. I may decide to replace it eventually.

The satin is a beautiful deep cherry red, just marginally darker than the photographs (it was hard to photograph!), and is lovely and soft on the outside. However, it is a little bit scratchy on the inside but I’m hoping this will soften up the more it’s washed. I had to press the seams out when I initially got it as they weren’t very flat and, with satin, this always looks a little unfinished.

Kiss Me Deadly Claret Cherie Teddy back

The lace across the back has a small amount of elastic ruching which helps the teddy to cling to your upper body and, again, feels like a detail of a more expensive piece. It’s good to see elements like this in an affordable lingerie piece that could have been made so much simpler by so many retail brands. You definitely feel as if you’re getting your money’s worth and I guess that’s what makes Kiss Me Deadly stand out from the crowd.

Kiss Me Deadly Claret Cherie Teddy strap

The straps are quite delicate as they are made entirely of black ribbon, rather than elastic, but they do still hold everything up well enough. The only issue I’ve found is, because the ribbon is satin, the strap adjuster moves slightly when wearing it and during the washing processs, so I do have to adjust this every now and again. However, I think that ordinary elastic straps would’ve spoiled the overall design, making it look less special.

Kiss Me Deadly Claret Cherie Teddy inside

I took this inside shot of the teddy to show you just how beautifully made it is. Every seam is finished to perfection with no loose threads, no puckering and no strange wonky sewing! It really is such a simple construction but creates a stunning lingerie piece that can be worn either in bed or underneath your clothes as a slip. I’m even tempted to create a pattern from this myself and make my own variation, perhaps completely in lace!

I would highly recommend getting your hands on one of these beauties, which are now also available from Joanna’s Wardrobe’s sister site Fox and Rose, as they won’t be around forever. And while you’re there why not take a look at their blog which I now have the privilege of writing for (yes, I get to waffle on about lingerie on another site too!).


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