Vintage Style Nightwear – Wednesday Wish List #10

Yesterday, vintage lingerie brand Kiss Me Deadly sent out their latest email newsletter. Now, I always enjoy having a good read through this as Catherine, whose business it is, always add loads of interesting information and links through to all sorts of lingerie related stuff. I even weirdly enjoyed her The Really Boring Guide To What Bills Small Brands Have To Pay blog post she wrote about breaking down the cost of actually running a lingerie business and why these costs all impact on the price of knickers.

But what I got most excited about was the announcement that you can now pre-order their new Peach Silk Cherie Chemise. If you’ve read my review post about the Kiss Me Deady Claret Cherie Teddy, then you’ll know that I already love their nightwear/loungewear/wherever-you-want-to-wear-it wear and was super excited when I heard they were making a slip. I love slips. I have quite a few and they are crying out to be joined by this little beauty. So, inspired by this launch, this week’s Wednesday Wish List is Vintage Style Nightwear.

Peach Silk Cherie Chemise - Kiss Me Deadly

So, here it is in all its glory! Isn’t it gorgeous? The Peach Silk Cherie Chemise is based very much on the same design as the Cherie Teddy and features the soft black lace cups, satin ribbon straps and matching black lace trim around the bottom edge.

However, this is made in the same vintage looking peach stretch silk of their previously released Ida range and I’m told it feels incredible next to your skin. And as with the Ida range, this is a limited edition, so you need to get your order in quickly. I know I’ll be checking my bank balance at the end of the month to make sure I can get mine.

Shell Belle Couture Nightgown AW14

I fell in love with luxury lingerie brand Shell Belle Couture when I started writing for the Fox and Rose blog. I’d heard of their Seduce Me Gown before but for some reason they just didn’t register on my radar. Being heavily influenced by styles and techniques of yesteryear, they have definitely become one of my lust after brands, although it’s going to take me a while to save up for any of their pieces.

Their AW14 range isn’t available yet but The Lingerie Addict recently featured some of the stand out pieces from their collection and my favourite is this stunning salmon pink silk nightgown. It’s just so damn glamorous!

Ayten Gasson Emma Silk Teddy

I love wearing teddies in bed during the summer months. They keep you really cool but also make you feel like a young and free 1920s flapper. What more could a vintage gal want? This Emma Silk Teddy from Ayten Gasson would do just that. It’s soft, romantic and oh so sumptuous. It whisks you away to a time long forgotten and leaves you feeling like the modern world just fades in comparison.

Ayten Gasson are an ethical brand, using fabrics such as organic silk and sourcing and producing everything in the UK. In this day and age, this is something very rare and it’s amazing that they produce such beautiful pieces at the prices they do. I, for one, think there should be more brands like this.

Fold-Over Trim Silk Pyjama Set - Narasilk

Now, I already own these gorgeous Chanel style silk pyjamas from Narasilk in black but I love them so much that I want them in white too! They are very reminiscent of the Olivia von Halle pyjamas that anybody who was anybody (not me then!) owned a few years ago. However at £76, these are a fraction of the price, mainly because they are produced by a little known company based in Hong Kong.

‘Oh no, but isn’t ordering from Hong Kong rather risky?’ I hear you scream. Well, it can be if you order from eBay, but, trust me, this is a genuine and very professional company. When I placed my original order they kept me informed the whole way through the ordering, packing and shipping process and when it turned up it was beautifully gift wrapped and even came with its own silk washing bag. The pyjamas themselves were beautifully made and fitted really well, although a tad long in leg. I was very impressed.

Folies de Renaud Boudoir Black Feathered Robe

Oh my word, how glamorous is this Folies de Renaud Boudoir Black Feathered Robe from Dolci Follie? This would let me fulfil my dream of becoming a Hollywood Starlet. I’d just need an equally seductive chaise lounge to drape myself over though. Oh, and an Errol Flynn look-a-like to feed me grapes!

It’s completely sheer black with copious amounts of feather trim around every hem. It makes me think of Jean Harlow in Red-headed Woman:

“Can you see through this?”
“I’m afraid you can, miss.”
“I’ll wear it.”

Peach Bettie Robe - Betty Blues Loungerie

Talking of robes, I absolutely love this Peach Bettie Robe from Betty Blues Loungerie. It’s so 1940s and almost looks like it’s a genuine original. It’s worn here by the lovely model and blog writer Fleur de Guerre and I don’t think they could’ve chosen anyone more perfect for the job.

It’s made from oodles of heavy peach crepe back satin and has amazing bishop sleeves that are rarely seen today in modern fashions. A robe as stunning as this should be worn as often as possible. I wonder if I could get away with wearing it to work…

Peach Bettie Bridal Robe - Betty Blues Loungerie

Not released yet, but on its way in AW14, the same robe has been updated in a virginal ivory for their new bridal range which also features their exquisite Nell teddy in ivory too. But who needs to be a bride, anyway? I’d wear this anytime.

So, what do think of my selections? Do you have any favourite vintage style nightwear I may have missed?


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