The Big Spring Clean

My Spring fever seems to be continuing and today was the big Spring clean. My aim this year is to sell my house and move closer to work, so the first thing I needed to do was make the house look presentable for valuation. And damn, did it need it! Bless my parents, they gave up their Saturday to help me and we spent all day tidying, dusting, scrubbing and vacuuming.

Spring clean clear out

It was also a perfect chance to have a decent sort out and get rid of stuff I really don’t want to take with me when I move. I went through every item of clothing, every shoe, every piece of jewellery and every accessory I own. I had to be as ruthless as I possibly could be and ended up throwing out two bin liners full of clothes, one of shoes, a carrier bag full of jewellery and another filled with belts, hair accessories, sunglasses and gloves. None of it was good enough to sell on eBay, so most of it will end up in the charity shop on Monday, but my niece gets to go through the jewellery first to see if there’s anything she wants. Oh, and two vintage style dresses from Matalan that I bought ages ago, and have barely worn, are going to my best friend as she’s borrowed them before and looks stunning in both.

My house now sparkles and smells beautifully clean and I’m terrified to touch anything in case I mess it up but it does feel so good to have done it. All I have to do next is get the house valued, sort out a new mortgage, sell the house, find a new one and finally move. Nothing to worry about then!


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