Cocktails, 50th Anniversary and My New Deadly is the Female Dress

Last Friday was my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary which, in this day and age, is amazing. However, they really didn’t want any fuss, they both hate fuss, so decided to go abroad for a long weekend together just in case anyone decided to embarrass them by throwing a huge party. On Sunday we finally got together with my Dad’s brother and his wife and the five of us went out for a lovely, rather pricey, meal. Oh, and cocktails!

Strawberry daiquiri

Now I love daiquiris. Banana is my favourite, but sadly this wasn’t on the menu, so I opted for my second favourite, strawberries. It was possibly the strongest and largest one I’ve ever had but what I really loved about this one was the amount of real strawberries they added, nearly a whole punnet! That counted towards my five-a-day then!

Bumbleberry Rumble

My Mum went for a Bumbleberry Rumble which basically tasted like an alcoholic Ribena and was so good that I just had to have one to myself!


I did manage to persuade my parents to let me take a picture of them as someone needed to create a permanent reminder of their incredible achievement. 50 years of marriage is not to be sniffed at! They will actually kill me for putting this up on here, though.

I also saw it as a great opportunity to show you my beautiful new 1930s style Timeless Dress from Deadly is the Female that I bought the day before.

Stop Staring Timeless Dress Green

Sorry about the blurriness but I think my Mum had had too many Bumbleberry Rumble’s by this point!

It was so comfortable to wear, although marginally tighter once I’d eaten a full Christmas roast (my favourite!), which had an amazing cider gravy on it, and a huge slice of extremely creamy honeycomb cheesecake.

The quality of the dress is so good and the fabric is so soft. I felt like a million dollars in it. I teamed it with my Marks and Spencer black patent court shoes which have the cutest double buckle feature on the toes.

I didn’t have much time to do my hair beforehand, which was annoying as I really wanted to go all out to match the specialness of the dress. However, in the end, I just went for my standard up-do of a high ponytail which looked a lot better than having it all loose.

Art Deco earrings

It also gave me the chance to wear my gorgeous original 1930s bronze and jade earrings that my best friend bought me for my birthday last year which went with the dress perfectly. The photo doesn’t do them any justice but they’re really hard to capture well. I took absolutely loads of shots and this was the best one.

So, here’s to my Mum and Dad! May they have many more years of happy marriage ahead of them.


Just a vintage gal suffering from the Golden Age syndrome. A lover of all things old, especially the 1930s, seamstress, crocheter, maker of hats and enjoys rummaging at flea markets.


  1. Loulabelle loves those 30’s earrings!

    • They’re beautiful, aren’t they? It’s always handy to have a best friend with good taste!

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