Red Summer Sandals – Wednesday Wish List #3

I have just about managed to convince myself that it is now summer. I say this as I look out of the window at at a blustery, wet Wednesday in May but, yet, I’m still convinced. When I went out on bank holiday Monday I wore a lovely pink summer dress and matching ballet pumps. One lady, very sarcastically, said to me “So, has summer arrived then?”. Yes, it has actually, love, in my mind at least. I really felt like telling her to cheer up and stop being so bloody miserable.

When the summer really does hit, and the sun decides its going shine, I love to wear 1950s inspired sandals and this year I really need to buy myself a lovely pair of bright reds ones. So, this week’s Wednsday Wish List features a selection of the ones that have caught my eye.

Swedish Hasbeens Heart Sandals

I cannot tell you how much I want these Heart Sandals from Swedish Hasbeens! I absolutely adore the two red hearts that overlap each other to create the area over the toes but what I really love is the fact that they are clogs. This instantly reminds of my childhood. There was a Swedish family who lived down the road from us and the youngest child was a girl exactly the same age as me. We were the best of friends and whenever her Dad took a trip back home he would always bring us something back from Sweden. My most favourite present he ever got me was a pair of navy blue leather clogs with a tiny Smurf on the side of each one. I wore them and wore them until they fell apart. I truly loved those clogs!

Nimiko2 by Guess

These Nimiko2 Sandals by Guess remind me so much of the sexy version of Sandra Dee. Okay, so hers weren’t gingham but they were definitely red with a wooden sole. I could just imagine myself tottering around in these, though, I’d probably look much more awkward than she did. There aren’t many left of these at but they do still have my size.

Holiday Wedge by Boden

I have a friend who is obsessed with white polka dots on a red background. She has just about everything I can think of with it on. I even decoupaged a decorative Scotty dog (she has one called Angus!) in red polka dot paper for her! However, I think I would have to fight her for these Holiday Wedges from Boden. They are so summery and you could only ever feel happy wearing a pair of shoes like this.

Lucianna Stripe Wedges by Ugg Australia

These Lucianna Stripe Wedges from Ugg remind of seaside rock or, maybe, it’s vintage deckchairs! Whatever it is, they’d be prefect for heading down to beach teamed with a cute little play suit and large Audrey Hepburn sunglasses. Ah, I can almost hear the sea lapping against the shore from here.

Mabel Sandals by Sperry Top-Sider

Could these Mabel Sandals by Sperry Top-Sider have any other pattern on them? Well, I guess they’re missing polka dots! I love the clash of different patterns, particularly the stripey cork wedge sole. I do have trouble keeping this style of sandal on, though, so I have to go really careful that I get the correct size. These beauties are from Bloomingdales (yes, that Bloomingdales) and you can have them delivered here in the UK. Yeah, Rachel from Friends would be proud!


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