She Loves To Be One Of The Girls

I went clothes shopping this weekend, which contrary to popular belief is actually a rarity for me. After a few years of going through the ‘am I too old to be fashionable’ freak out, I have reminded myself that my hero Vivienne Westwood is now in her late 60’s, older than my mum & is still looking extremely cool! I don’t have a lot of spare cash and don’t believe in credit, so when I get a small lump sum to just blow on clothes I take full advantage of it.

So what did I find on my travels? Something that made me smile because it brought back so many memories, emotions and feelings of freedom. “Huh?” I hear you ask, “you were only clothes shopping!” Well, what I found were stores full of Eighties throwbacks. And I’m not talking the obvious, shoulder pads & over the top glitz (although they were available) but I’m talking about Brat Pack Eighties, Pretty in Pink Eighties, Molly Ringwald Eighties. The kind of Eighties I lived through and have a lot of love for. I wanted to be Andie and I wanted to marry Blane!

I loved Molly Ringwald’s style in Pretty in Pink, I think it was because of her I wanted to be a fashion designer. I loved the way she took clothing apart to make things she wanted to wear and she always looked good in them. She mixed lace, florals & anything pink with a multitude of accessories. Hats, long-strap bags, scarves, glasses & belts were always perfectly chosen.

So here’s my inspiration…

Pretty In Pink

And here’s what I found…

Pretty In Pink Inspred

Obviously I didn’t buy everything but did get a pink & cream floral cardigan, ditsy floral tulip style skirt, Eighties style ankle boots, multi-stranded pearl necklace with added bow and pair of smart shorts which I’m going to customise with lace & pearls. So watch out world, the new Andie is on her way out!!

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  1. I loved her in The Breakfast Club too!

  2. I LOVE this movie, and have my ears pierced twice because Andie does. But she should have picked Duckie.

    • Andie and Molly Ringwald have been my heros for a very long time. I partially wanted Andie to end up with Duckie but I was completely in love with Andrew McCarthy back them that I wanted him to get the girl too! xx

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