I love my Swedish Hasbeens!

Swedish Hasbeens Heart Sandals

If you’ve read my previous post, Red Summer Sandals – Wednesday Wish List #3, then you’ll know just how much I wanted a pair of Swedish Hasbeens Heart Sandals. I was so desperate to have them that I actually sold my Wii on eBay (well, I barely used it anyway and I got £50 for it!), sold some CDs and DVDs on Music Magpie for £22 and won £25 on the lottery so all I needed was to make it up to the £138 and those babies would be mine.

Well, they arrived yesterday and just look at them! I cannot tell you how cute these sandals are.

The moment I put them on I was instantly whisked back to my childhood. I had several pairs of clogs as a child, brought all the way back from Sweden by my friend’s Dad and I lived in those things.

The solid wood sole felt so familiar, like sliding my foot into something that felt like home. Memories of breaking in my Smurf clogs invaded my mind as the stiffness of the leather enveloped my toes. And yes, you have to break these in. The beautiful natural grain leather gets softer the more you wear them, just like a leather jacket, and mould to the shape of your foot so they eventually fit like a glove.

I was slightly worried about the size when I was ordering them as I’m a UK size 4½ and, as they don’t do half sizes, I needed to make sure I ordered the one that was going to be closet. Luckily on the Swedish Hasbeens website they have the inner measurements of each shoe. So, I measured a pair of wedge sandals I already owned, and knew fitted really well, and chose the size closest to this which was a UK 4. And they fit perfectly!

They have a real 1940s look about them and will go really well with rolled-up jeans, skirts and dresses and I know they’ll look so lovely with my Red Gingham Kitty Day Dress from Vivien of Holloway.

Vivien of Holloway & Swedish Hasbeens

I put the image at the top of this post on my personal Facebook profile and tagged my Swedish friend and her Dad and you wouldn’t believe the response I got. So many of my friends (none of which are even slightly vintagey) responded immediately, saying how gorgeous they were and my Swedish friend said she was really proud!


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