My Very First Vlog! – 1930s Compact Handbag

My Very First Vlog! - 1930s Compact Handbag

Yes, you read that right, today I am introducing you to my very first vlog! Creating videos to go along with the blog is something I’ve been toying with for a while now but hadn’t had the courage to take the leap. However, we’re planning to do some instructional videos at work and I have been nominated as the person who’s going to do them. As a result, I wanted to get a bit of practice in before I completely embarrassed myself in front of my work colleagues, and I thought producing a few for my own blog would be a good way to start.

I’m afraid you won’t see me in this first video, as I thought I’d enter into the world of vlogging with baby steps. However, you do hear me speaking, which is all rather odd and I probably sound rather stiff and nervous. For some reason the quality of the sound when I’m speaking seems to have deteriorated when I uploaded it, but you get the general idea and I’m sure I’ll get better the more I do.

In this video I decided to show you one of my lovely purchases from Shepton Mallet Flea Market on Easter Sunday, a 1930s Compact Handbag. It really is a stunner. And, if you enjoy seeing this one, you may like to see my 1940s Park Lane LSM Compact Handbag post from way back in January 2015.

I’m not sure whether this is the sort of thing you’d like to see more of, so do let me know. I do have plans to try and create other videos where you actually see me, and I’d be interested in knowing the types of things you’d be interested in seeing. I thought perhaps I’d talk about my crocheting and sewing projects, as I love Christina’s podcasts from Gussets and Godets. I may do a few others of interesting vintage goodies I find on my travels too. And, if I get my confidence up a bit, I may even do a lookbook, although I’ll warn you now they’ll probably be lots of me pulling faces as I seem to do this a lot when we take photos!

This vlog has certainly been a steep learning curve, having never done anything like this before. Just working out how to cut sections off the beginning or the end of the video was a feat in itself! However, I’ve managed to put something together that I hope you’ll enjoy. I’d love any feedback at all, although please be gentle, I’m still very much finding my way with this. And, as I forgot to say in the video, thanks for watching!

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  1. Just one thing: the music is way too loud compared to the sound of your voice. A mismatch….

    • Thanks Wenche! I honestly don’t know what happened because it sounded fine on my computer until I uploaded it to YouTube. Can I just ask, is the music too loud or is the part where I’m speaking too quiet? I can then try and tweak the right section. Thanks! xx

  2. Congratulations on taking the plunge into video! I was charmed by your video and learned several things about compact handbags–I hadn’t been aware of this niche in the handbag category. It’s beautiful, and you helped me appreciate it even more. The inscribed card and the story of your purchase are so touching. Your voice sounded fine to me. Consider taking on side jobs as a hand model or an expert on Antiques Road Show!

    • Thank you Paula! It was all rather daunting and I was very nervous about putting it up. Hehehe, I’d love to be an expert on Antiques Roadshow. What a dream job! xx

  3. How brave you are! I really enjoyed this and I don’t think your voice was wobbly at all. I did wonder at the sound going down after the intro, but I’m sure it’s just a hiccup and you’ll come up with a solution. The compact itself is absolutely gorgeous and I think you paid a fair price too. How poignant is that note … xxx

    • Hahaha! Yes, I’m not sure where that courage came from! It’s very odd about the sound, it was fine on my computer before uploading it. I’ll figure it out though for next time. The note is so beautiful isn’t it? I wish I’d asked more questions about who the original owner was but it was the end of the day and I was rather tired by that point. xx

  4. Thank you for sharing this extraordinary find! I don’t know what is more amazing -Art Deco bag with lovely story, memory and imagination it evokes; qualify & workmanship of the object ; great seller, who not hiked price, but respect and obeyed original owner; that note “ …multiplied by our trials and triumphs “.
    Thank you for making this video…

    • Oh thank you so much for your lovely comments Ivana, they’ve made my day! It really is a stunning bag and never would’ve looked as good in photos. The pattern on the outside was exceptionally hard to capture. That note really is incredible, isn’t it? xx

  5. Really interesting and informative, love that the original owner wanted it to go to a kind home. Music loud and voice quiet probably already aware. Thanks for sharing. x

    • When he told me what the original owner had said I just knew it was for me. Yes, I have no idea what happened with the sound, before I uploaded it everything was the same volume level. I’m sure I’ll sort it for next time. xx

  6. what a beautiful bag, and a lovely story – I am sure when the seller saw you he knew it was going to the right person! rather sad to hear the former owner became a widow, well done on the vlog – and it really shows of the bag well by opening it ‘live’, I dont know if you rehearsed or this is off the cuff, but it came across very natural!

    • Thank you so much Eimear! It was sort of off the cuff. I’d recorded it a couple of times previous to this and then realised I’d filmed it in portrait rather than landscape. Duh! I got it right in the end though. xx

  7. I absolutely loved your first vlog! It’s so amazing to hear your voice for the first time after spending so much time reading through your blog. 🙂 And I loved the story that went along with the compact handbag, the card was so touching and sweet though it’s so incredibly sad that Ernest never made it back from the war. What a beautiful and heartbreaking story.

    Also, I must comment on how utterly gorgeous the bag is! What an absolutely stunning find and how nice of the seller to bring the price down for you! 🙂

    I’d love to see more videos like this one, and sewing and crochet videos as well. 🙂 I subscribed to your channel straight away. I’m so happy you’re going to be vlogging! Well done, Cate!! <3

    • Thank you so much Emily! Your lovely comments, and the fact that you’ve subscribed, are much appreciated. I already have a few ideas in mind for other videos, I just have to find the time to do them! xx

  8. I loved the video! So many times I’ve seen photos of old things and wish I could pick them up and take a closer look, so it was nice to get to see all the details of your amazing compact handbag. The note is so lovely (and heartbreaking), I’m always hoping I’ll find something like that. I did find a piece of paper behind one of the drawers of the vintage desk I bought recently but it ended up being more recent notebook paper with some slightly creepy things about the blood of Christ scrawled on it . I’d love to see more videos of your vintage collection and your sewing and crochet projects!

  9. What a great video- I very much enjoyed it. And the note is definitely what makes this so much more special.

    • Thank you Nicole! I know, that note really broke my heart. I will definitely keep it tucked away safely inside. xx

  10. What a fabulous find! I have a similar bag but it doesn’t have the decoration of yours. It has the handle positioned for the wrist and in mine, the second larger compartment still holds rouge. It also has the original comb. I would love to have had your beautiful decoration though – what a find! By the way, your voice sounds great to l listen to in the vlog.

    • Thank you Elizabeth! I guess it’s always weird when you hear yourself speak. I’d love to see your bag, especially as it still has rouge and the comb inside. xx

  11. Loved this and the bag is beautiful. You sound great!

  12. What a lovely, lovely piece to show! Thank you so much for sharing with us, I think the video is awesome. I love seeing all the details close up, and I’d definitely be keen to see more. Plus, also your sweet face! I don’t know what you think about that, but I love seeing the faces in video podcasts. 😀

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

    • Thank you so much Bonita! I will defintiely be posting more videos and I promise you’ll see my face, although quite how sweet it’ll be, who knows! xx

  13. You did a really great job! I love it when bloggers I’ve followed a while do a video because I love putting a name to a face, and it was really well done. You have a lovely speaking voice and it was a great subject – the case is beautiful! The note and the story was really moving too – thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Aw, thank you Tanith! Everyone’s comments have been so kind and have really boosted my confidence to do more. xx

  14. Congrats Cate, on taking this next step in your blogging adventures. It does take a brave person to put it out there like that and I’m super proud you are doing it.

    • Thank you Liz! It was terrifying finally pushing the button on it but the reception has been so lovely. I really appreciate it. xx

  15. What a wonderful story this beautiful bag has. That was really interesting to find out about. I’m sure the original owner will be very pleased it has gone to you. I enjoyed the blog and think your ideas for more sound great. I’ve been considering a podcast for some time but have never been brave enough and feel a bit technologically daunted!

    • Thank you Kate-Em! You should give it a go. I literally knew nothing before I did this video, so it was a steep learning curve, but I really enjoyed it. So much so that I’ve just posted a second video! Eeeek!! I’d definitely watch your podcasts. xx

      • Thank you. I might work myself up to it! I’m looking forward to seeing your second one.

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