A Foxy Vintage Brooch

I could lose hours of my life just browsing around the online marketplace Etsy and often do. It’s such an amazing place full of tempting vintage and handmade wares and I find myself randomly going from one thing to another and ending up looking at things I had never intended to when I first clicked on their app icon. That’s how I came across Broesj.

Broesj is run by Dutch brooch enthusiast Babette Zijlstra, who loves nothing more than hunting around for bargains in flea markets and charity shops. The name of the shop is aptly inspired by the way the Dutch say the word brooch which sounds very much like ‘brosj’.

I would highly recommend you check out her blog if you’re a lover of brooches as she has a fabulous section dedicated to her own and other people’s brooch collections. Or, if you just like looking around what other people spot during their thrifting expeditions check out her Thrifting Tuesdays posts.

Broesj Packaging

The Broesj shop on Etsy is filled to the brim with seriously cute novelty vintage brooches (and very useful brooch to necklace converters) of all shapes and colours and, like me, you can get lost looking through them all. I favourited so many! The majority of them are plastic based, more like a resin than the type of modern plastic you get today and have clasps that are obviously vintage, not the sort of cheap breakable ones you find on modern brooches. This helps to reassure you of the age of them as there is no mention within the description of what era they are from.

After searching through a total of 8 pages worth I made my choice and certainly wasn’t disappointed by the price. I have to say, this is one of the most reasonably priced vintage brooch shops on Etsy and that includes the postage. The one I chose cost just £4.57 plus £1.83 postage to the UK. You can hardly buy new brooches for that price!

Fox Vintage Brooch

So this was my choice, a beautiful curling fox (or is it a mink?) in a fantastic graduating grey colour. It is just so cute and I’m actually wearing it out today for the first time on my Vivien of Holloway slash neck top. The sinister looking eyes aren’t actually that scary, it’s just the way the light is catching them. They’re two tiny little faux crystals that really sparkle against the grey. I love the way it curves around, it makes me think of the fox furs worn during the 30s and 40s.

Fox Vintage Brooch

I was very impressed with the speed of delivery, it took just 4 working days from purchase to receiving it. The lovely packaging and little thank you card is a perfect touch and really makes it feel like a special purchase, although you’ve only spent a small amount.

All in all I’m very pleased with my impulse buy. Normally I spend ages looking at something deciding whether or not it would go with something I already have but I just couldn’t resist this and at such a reasonable price who could? Now I’m off to have look at which one to buy next!

Have you purchased from Broesj before? What do you think of their gorgeous brooches?


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  1. Oh, he is a dinky little creature! He must look lovely on your top.

    I hadn’t heard of that shop, but they have some really nice stuff.

    • I know, I think I might go for one of their calla lily brooches next!

  2. I need to get looking at that shop, I love a good brooch, I wear one every day. Yours is very cute and I imagine it would go with lots of different outfits.

    • Yeah, I wear one nearly every day, although I never seem to have one to go with what I’ve got on! I’m always on the look out for others so let me know if there are any good suppliers you can recommend.

        • Oh, I have one of their poodle brooches. I bought it from Vivien of Holloway and never realised it was from these guys. Will definitely bookmark their site. Thank you!

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