Vintage Geek Chic – Wednesday Wish List #8

One of my friends sent a link to me via Facebook a couple of days ago that took me to what was quite possibly my dream dress. Not only was it a beautiful 1950s full circle skirt dress but it was made from fabric that fulfilled my geeky side down to a tee.

Yes, I admit it, I’m a geek. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan (have been since I was about 5 years old!) and I also love Star Wars, Batman and just about any other superhero. I love technology, I work in ecommerce, so know how to code a website from scratch, and I probably couldn’t live without my ever growing Apple collection. I know, I know it’s not exactly in keeping with the whole vintage lifestyle but, hey ho, I live in the modern world and I embrace that too.

Right, that’s my confession out of the way, so back to the post. This week’s Wednesday Wish List is a collection of vintage and geek inspired clothing that I would love to get my hands on.

Doctor Who dress

Now, this is the dress I was getting all excited about! This beauty is a Full Circle ‘Cecelia’ Dress in Doctor Who Toile from Polka Dot Polly and, oh boy, do I want one. Not only is it exactly the style of dress I wear most days, it is also extremely pretty. It’s not until you look at it closely that you realise that the toile pattern actually contains the Tardis, Weeping Angels, Daleks and Gallifreyan writing. What more could a vintage loving Doctor Who fan want?

Even if you aren’t a Doctor Who fan, I would highly recommend you have a look at the Polka Dot Polly website as it has a multitude of 1950s style dresses, skirts and blouses in a huge variety of fabrics. Each one is made to your size requirements and you can even create your own by choosing different design elements or providing your own fabric.

Star Trek underbust corset

This Final Frontier Comic Print Long Line Corset from Castle Corsetry is just fab! It’s fun, geeky and oh so stylish too. I’m a big fan of underbust corsets because you can wear them under your clothes, whilst mixing and matching your underwear, as well as wearing them over a blouse or t-shirt as outerwear. This one, of course, is perfect for the Star Trek fan but they have a huge range of other amazingly geeky designs such as Doctor Who (Yes!), Sherlock, Harry Potter and even Hello Kitty.

And if you’re a corset connisseur, then you’ll be pleased to hear that each corset has a strong steel busk at the centre front, a total of 22 steel bones (double boned at every seam) made up of 10 spring steel and 12 spiral steel, suspender tabs and the option to add a modesty panel if you wish.

Wonder Woman bikini

“All the world is waiting for you and the power you possess in your satin tights, fighting for your rights.” Nothing was more cool when you were an eight year old girl and loved superheroes than Wonder Woman. She was definitely one of my big heroes as a child and, as a grown woman, what could be better than having your very own Handmade Wonder Woman Themed Swimwear Set from Licorice and Cream? It’s even got pin-up knickers!

Their full range is basically quirky lingerie with a hint of trashy and a dash of geekiness thrown in for good measure. You can tell by the Rockabilly style model just who they appeal to.

Comic book dress

I was a big Bunty fan as a kid, it was as British as a fine bone china teapot full of Earl Grey tea, but what I really loved about it was the bright, brash colours of the cartoon strips. This gorgeous Cartoon Print Day Dress from Vanity Project is perfect for any female comic book geeks. Not only is the dress a classic 1950s style with a cross over bodice and a full pleated skirt, the print has a real retro pop art feel to it too.

Superhero pow top

This Superhero Pow 1950s Bustier Top by Emerald Angel is just so cute. It has two things I truly love, 1950s pinup style and Batman. Made in a stretch cotton denim and a fabulous superhero print full of 1960s Batman inspired phrases, it would go beautifully with my high-waisted turn up jeans. Adam West would be proud! And yes, I used to watch it every Saturday and desperately wanted to be Catwoman. All hail Eartha Kitt!


Just a vintage gal suffering from the Golden Age syndrome. A lover of all things old, especially the 1930s, seamstress, crocheter, maker of hats and enjoys rummaging at flea markets.


  1. Hey – I just wanted to say, thank you for introducing me to Polka Dot Polly. Now to get saving! 🙂

    • They’re great, aren’t they? Would love to know what you end up buying.

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