Mad Men Season 7 Style

The anticipation is building…Wednesday is only two days away…10pm is the time…but what we’re all anxious to know is what will the leading ladies be wearing?  Yes, our favourite advertising company is back on our screens this week and, as most female Mad Men fans will agree, I cannot wait to see the outfits of Joan, Peggy, Megan, Betty and the come-of-age Sally who, I must say, is wearing my favourite outfit of all the ladies featured in the recently released promo photos.

Mad Men Betty, Sally & Peggy

Mad Men Joan & Megan

The new season, split into two runs, is the seventh and the last of the Mad Men series.  It starts in January 1969 which, in US history terms, was one hell of a year. Events such as the Woodstock festival, the Battle of Hamburger Hill, mass demonstrations to bring an end to the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon becoming President, the first man on the moon will, no doubt, all feature at some point.

But 1969 was also the year The Brady Bunch was first aired, John Lennon and Yoko Ono hosted their Bed-Ins to protest for peace, film star Sharon Tate was killed by Charles Manson, Elvis Presley was number one with Suspicious Minds after seven years off the top of the billboard charts and The Jackson 5 release their debut album.

And in fashion hemlines were short, colours were psychedelic and patterns were chaotic and usually clashing in colour. Hair was backcombed and big, accessories were ultra-modern and made from materials such as plastic and underwear was freer and much less restrictive and with the help of one of the best inventions of all time, Spandex, tights (or pantyhose for our American friends) became the leg decoration of choice.

You too can create your own version of the Mad Men 1969 style with a little help from high street shops such as New Look and TopShop or if you want to go a little further afield, there are a multitude of late 60s style dresses on the American online store ModCloth. Just look for mini, A-line shapes with bright clashing colours or simple 60s detailing and you’ll be channelling your favourite Mad Men damsel in no time.

Mod Cloth Dresses

Vinyl Fantasy Dress in Strawberry – ModCloth / Quite an Impression in Daisies Dress – ModCloth

Mod Cloth & TopShop dresses

Sunrise in the Studio Dress – ModCloth / Rose Print Godet Dress – TopShop

New Look & TopShop dresses

Pink Tile Print Tunic Dress – New Look / Amber Floral Long Sleeve Dress – TopShop

TopShop dresses

Teardrop Dress – TopShop /  Tapestry Sundress – TopShop



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