Grace of Monaco

Last week Warner Bros released their main trailer for Nicole Kidman’s latest film, Grace of Monaco about the life of movie star-come-princess Grace Kelly. Set in the early 1960s when a bitter dispute erupted between Monaco’s Prince Rainier III and France’s President Charles de Gaulle over the rules relating to tax evasion in Monaco. This sent Grace’s marriage Prince Rainier into turmoil and she longed to return to Hollywood to rekindle her career.

The film, which has already had two release date set backs, is due to be the opening film for Cannes this year. It has had its fair share of controversy, too, with a feud between the French director, Olivier Dahan and distributors, The Weinstein Company and Monaco’s royal family’s disapproval of the script, saying it was “historically inaccurate”.

The style is very seductive, with a real 1960s feel and a huge nod to Grace Kelly’s magnificent film To Catch A Thief. ¬†Scenes are shot through a hazy camera lens (there’s probably a technical term for this!) and are lit with blazing sunshine and heavy sunsets. ¬†As you’d expect, the costumes are incredibly stylish and the settings are just about as glamorous as it gets. Tim Roth joins Nicole Kidman as Prince Rainer with Frank Langella as the prince’s trusted advisor, Father Francis Tucker, the gorgeous Milo Ventimilglia as Grace’s bodyguard, Rupert Allan and Parker Posey as her lady in waiting.

Grace Kelly is one of my most favourite icons from the 50s & 60s, so personally, I cannot wait to see this. I only hope it hasn’t been overly-produced with completely out of place music like the thoroughly disappointing The Great Gatsby.


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