Vintage on the Web – November 2015

Vintage on the Web

Well, here we are again, another month’s over, but never mind, Christmas will be here in less than a month! Usually by this time I’m really, really excited and would’ve bought most of my presents, however, this year I’m still waiting for it to all kick in.

After losing my cat I’ve not felt all that enthusiastic about anything but I’m slowly and gradually getting back to normal. This weekend my Dad’s going to help me get all the decorations out of the attic so I can decide on what theme I’m doing this year (something I normally plan months ahead of Christmas) and hopefully that will get me in the mood. Anyway, whilst we excitedly wait for Father Christmas to arrive, on to this month’s Vintage on the Web.

Glitter and The Moon

Glitter and The Moon

Glitter and The Moon started following me on Twitter last week and having never heard of them I was intrigued to find out what they did. When I clicked on the link to their website in their profile I instantly fell in love with their bed jackets, French knickers and robes. All made and hand-finished in the UK, this luxurious loungewear has a rather special unique selling point, it’s embroidered and you can have them personalised!

With lots of embroidery designs to choose from, including Cherry Cocktail, Beauty Salon and the ever-so-rockabilly Lucky Star (as seen above), there’s something for everyone. Each piece is made in a sumptuous satin with most items being available in cream, black or red. My favourite has to be the bed jacket teamed with the French knickers as it makes such a cute little set and I absolutely adore the vintage style darting on the shoulders of the jacket. This is definitely next on my list of lingerie to buy!

Indian Laces and Fabric

Indian Laces and Fabric on Etsy

If you read my last post you’ll know I’m in the middle of redoing my lounge in a 1930s style. When I started looking for fabrics online I just punched “art deco fabrics” into Google and after clicking through several links, and getting lost amongst the plethora of interior fabric shops, I somehow ended up on Indian Laces and Fabrics on Etsy. The last link I clicked on took me to the above beautiful black and gold brocade which has an amazing Art Deco feel to it. The colours, of course, are very typical of the era but not exactly what I’m after however I was hooked on browsing the rest of their stock.

As the name states they sell an incredible array of Indian fabrics, mostly all with sumptuous metallic colours, but they also sell stunning trimmings and ribbons which have such a wonderful 1920s feel to them. I’m tempted by so many of them and keep thinking how they would look incredible on the edge of a 1920s velvet coat or cape. The problem is there’s far too many to choose from.

Dandy Wellington and His Band

Whilst wasting hours searching on Instagram for 1920s related posts I came across this unbelievably stylish gentleman, Dandy Wellington. Of course, I instantly followed him. I mean seriously, any guy who dresses that dapper has got be worth following right? Then I did a quick search on Google and found his band’s website , and oh my word, I was blown away.

If you love big band jazz you will love this guy, he is way too cool for words, he sings, dances and, of course, dresses as if he’s a time traveller from another era. But in the 21st Century his EP is available on iTunes and is completely fantastic. I’ve always got it blasting out of the iPhone dancing around the kitchen as if I’m a wild and scandalous flapper! Trust me you will too, it’s infectious.

The Fold Line

The Fold Line

I joined the The Fold Line just a few days after it launched when I spotted it on Twitter. This UK based sewing community site allows you can meet other sewing enthusiasts and chat until your heart’s content about fabric, patterns, equipment, techniques and much, much more. There’s also an area to browse patterns from different designers where you can add the ones you love to your personal wish list or be taken to their website to purchase. The reviews of patterns by other members, which often include photos of their work, are a great way to find out if it’s the right sort of pattern for your project.

Other sections include the Social Calendar, where you can browse for sewing related events, Bloggers, which introduces you to many fabulous sewing bloggers, and the brilliant Fabric Shop World Map. Yes, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect fabric, then have a look on here first as there might be a shop near you! And, of course, you can add your own favourite ones for everyone else to enjoy.

Contrapunt Patterns on Etsy

Contrapunt Patterns on Etsy

I seem to buy a lot of my vintage sewing patterns on Etsy as you can find some real bargains on there if you’re prepared to hunt around, however, I’ve always struggled to find unusual 1920s designs. That was until I stumbled across Contrapunt Patterns. If you’ve not come across them before, Contrapunt create original vintage patterns especially for you, either in a standard size or a bespoke one to your measurements, so you can then use it to make a perfectly fitted garment and the 20s range is to die for.

What I love about these ones is that they’re more of the grown-up styles of the era, rather than the very girly ones you often see that someone my age would struggle to pull off. There’s a range of both day and evening dresses to choose from, as well as some very stylish coats and capes and my favourite pattern has to be the one above with the green jacket. So chic!

1930s body shape

How the Shape of the ‘Perfect’ Body Has Changed Over the Last 100 Years

Vintage Everyday recently posted this interesting infographic of the changing ideal female body shape across the last 100 years. Although the facts are rather basic it is good to see how the female form that everyone aspired to in a certain era has altered and who was a classic representation of that look. My favourite of course is the 1930s, probably because this is the one closest to my own body shape. However, saying ‘curves came back into fashion’ is rather a simple statement. Yes, the waist came back but it wasn’t as defined as the 1950s silhouette and unlike the 1950s the hips were kept narrow.

Parisian women in 1920s

Stunning Colour Photographs of Parisian Women from the 1920s

As a bonus link I’ve also included this second one from Vintage Everyday just because I spotted it when I was linking to the previous one whilst writing this post. This collection of beautiful Autochrome photographs from the 1920s is by French photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue and feature his first wife, Bibi, and their friends holidaying on the Côte d’Azur. Each and every one is absolutely stunning and captures this time and location so perfectly.


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  1. Ooh, another nice roundup of links there. You do find some great sites.

  2. Splendid array of links. How gorgeous are those 1920s colour photos. Swoon! To think that they’re mere years away from being a full century old now just makes them all the more enchanting in my (vintage adoring) books.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Oh absolutely! It’s amazing that it’s that long ago now and that you can still find beautiful pieces of clothing and furniture from that era which is still in really good condition. We should bring back jazz and Flappers when it hits 2020!

  3. Great selection of links again! I discovered Dandy Wellington on Instagram. Such wonderful music and I love his look!

  4. I hadn’t heard of Glitter and the Moon, but their stuff is just lovely! Thank you for sharing the link, I can see myself being tempted sometime soon…xx

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