Music: Introducing Lianna Haynes

Lianna Haynes

After missing several vintage events due to a minor operation I finally managed to get out yesterday for Ruby’s Vintage Fair. It’s the second one I’ve been to and, what with it being fairly close to where I live, I knew I needed to go again. The clothes that many of the stalls have on offer are not my sort of thing as most are 70s and 80s stuff, however, there are a lot of stalls selling homewares, jewellery and handmade bits and pieces so it’s a pretty decent fair.  They also always have a fantastic vintage style singer entertaining the shoppers and this time it was the turn of Lianna Haynes.

From attending the BRIT School for Performing Arts to singing in Las Vegas and from performing at the National Vintage Awards (donning an amazing Jessica Rabbit style dress!) to playing many a spot on the vintage fair circuit, Lianna Haynes is no stranger to being in the spotlight and the confidence this brings exudes from her when you watch her sing. She had everyone captured under her spell at Ruby’s with several of the stall owners dancing behind their trestles. One gorgeous vintage-clad lady was even singing along with my mum at one point!

Lianna covers many of the great, and very well known, songs of the mid-century such as Heartbeat, Stupid Cupid, Where Did Our Love Go? and Move Over Darling. She has one of those beautiful clean voices of many 1960s female singers, very similar to Julie London, Connie Francis and Helen Shapiro, so this sort of music really suits her voice. She effortlessly draws you into her performance and even at a vintage fair you can’t help but just stop for a moment and appreciate her talent.

Lianna Haynes

I took quite a lot of photos of her mid-song but for some reason I seem to be incapable of taking a non-blurred one at the moment so this was the best of the bunch (excuse the jeans on the bannister rail!). As you can see, she’s a gorgeous lady, always dressed head to foot in vintage style glamour and has a real star quality about her. In the brief couple of minutes I got to chat with her I realised just how lovely she was, with an amazing smile and a real warmness about her that clearly helps with her on-stage persona.

Unfortunately there’s nothing online that you can download or listen to, apart from this fantastic rendition of Move Over Darling that has recently appeared on her YouTube page, so you’ll have to try and catch her in person if you want to hear her for yourself. And I would highly recommend it! You can keep up to date with her whereabouts by following her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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