Review: Aristoc Soft, Sheer and Sensuous Stockings

I love wearing stockings and always prefer wearing them to tights. Stockings are the epitome of classic vintage style and offer so many options when it comes to your lingerie and hosiery which appeals to my ever-growing obsession with unmentionables. I have a small collection of Fully Fashioned and RHT stockings which I save for going out but during the working week I have a much larger collection of seamless, everyday stockings. The reason I choose not to wear the more authentic ones during the day is because I work in a very male dominated office and I’m just not keen on promoting to them that I wear stockings. At least with the seamless ones, to anyone oblivious to the truth, they just look like tights.

I recently spent an entire day traipsing around Westfield in London and, about an hour before we left, I felt my favourite pair of everyday stockings, that I had worn for several months, ladder just on the toe. Thankfully it stopped just before the edge of my shoe so it was completely unnoticeable but I knew that I now needed to buy a new pair. When I got home I went on to my favourite online shop for all things hosiery, Instead of going straight for the same stockings I thought I’d be adventurous and try another brand and liked the look of the Aristoc Soft, Sheer and Sensuous Stockings.  They were 10 denier, exactly the same as I normally wear, had a sandal toe, perfect for summer and a rather pretty lace welt which I’ve not worn before.

Aristoc Soft, Sheer and Sensuous stockings

When they arrived I was initially a little put off by their colour as they were a tiny bit darker than I would normally wear.  However, once I had put them on the colour was much lighter due to their sheerness.  They fitted really well, which I’m always worried about as I have quite short legs, and they felt nice and snug against my skin.  The lace welt was really beautiful and sat really flat so there was no need to worry about them showing through on tighter clothing.  All-in-all I was really pleased and looked forward to wearing them.Aristoc Soft, Sheer and Sensuous stockings

Yesterday was the first day I decided to wear them so, I teamed them with my lovely Coco’s Retro Closet girdle and headed off to work.  They stayed up really well and felt extremely comfortable to wear that I barely noticed them, not like others that I have constantly had to pull up all day. However, the first time I took a trip to the Ladies I put my nail straight through them, creating a big hole on the thigh and a ladder running down to my knee.  Thankfully I was wearing a mid-calf skirt!

Now, I have to say, this has never happened to me before with either stockings or tights so it really surprised me.  It also really annoyed me as they were brand new!  Okay, they weren’t the most expensive pair of stockings I own, but even still, you’d expect them to last more than 4 hours.  It’s a real shame because these were such lovely stockings and I thought I’d get  some good wear out of them.  As you may expect, I won’t be buying these again and will be going back to my favourite Charnos Elegance Stockings.


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