I’m Featured in Sew Style Vintage Magazine!

Sew Style Vintage magazine cover

Another week and yet another exciting post! Blimey, they’re like buses!

A couple of months ago I was approached by a publishing company to appear in Sew Style Vintage magazine. This super glossy magazine is the 5th instalment in the Sew Style series, which is produced in association with Sew magazine. They explained they wanted to do a feature on vintage bloggers for an upcoming sewing magazine and would I be interested. Well, you can imagine my reaction! (Lots of squealing!!)

I was interviewed by the lovely Kerry at Aceville Publications and asked to share a few photographs of both my favourite vintage pieces, as well as a selection of outfits I’d made. I know I waffled on far too much and sent over way too many photos but I’m so proud of the final piece.

Sew Style Vintage magazine

And here it is! I cannot tell you how honoured I am to be included in this article, especially as it also features four other gorgeous vintage ladies you’ll probably recognise. Jessica from Chronically Vintage talks about her love of mid-century fashion, as well as giving advice on vintage shopping. Catherine from Vintage Frills explains what attracts her to vintage and shows off her wonderful collection of Enid Collins handbags.

Gemma from Retro Chick advises on taking care of vintage and what to look for when wanting to buy authentic pieces. Rachel at All About Eve Vintage (a name that’s new to me) shares her favourite vintage and vintage repro brands, as well as her vintage style icons. And I quite obviously talk about the 1930s and it’s influence on the way I dress and what I make.

Sew Style Vintage magazine is £9.99 but don’t be alarmed by the price, this is more like a book than a magazine and it includes 2 free (yes FREE!!) vintage re-issue patterns! It’s available in all good newsagents and supermarkets and you can also buy it online at Craft Store.


Just a vintage gal suffering from the Golden Age syndrome. A lover of all things old, especially the 1930s, seamstress, crocheter, maker of hats and enjoys rummaging at flea markets.


  1. Congratulations. Thoroughly deserved and not before time.
    Sorry I won’t be buying it I have one of the patterns already.

    • Thank you! Have you used either of the patterns? I’d be interested to see how they come out. xx

  2. Congratulations on the great article, you look fab as always , what a great opportunity to share your passion

    • Thanks Emma! It was so much fun waffling on about sewing and vintage, it was hard to make me stop 🙂 xx

  3. Nice! and vintage vogue patterns nonetheless (Vogue are always the more expensive patterns here). I might consider getting it sent over for xmas (as that’s how long they usually take to get here!!)

    • I know CraftStore only delivers to the UK but you may be able to find it elsewhere. If not, let me know and perhaps I can post it over to you. xx

  4. I ordered it! You get £1 off if you sign up to their newsletter. Can’t wait to see your feature x

    • Hoorah! Oh, I didn’t realise that, I’ll add it to the post so everyone knows. xx

    • I am, it was really fun to do and it’s lovely to see it in print now. xx

  5. Well done Cate! I’m going to have a look at the international newsagent’s here in Antwerp to see if they’ve got it in. xxx

    • Thanks Ann! I’d be amazed if it was available abroad and that you’d be able to see my article in print. xx

  6. Congratulations what an honor. i love your blog.

  7. Goodmorning Cate…Congrats! a great applause for your stunning Style…cheers!

  8. That is fantastic! And so exciting! Congrats! What a great magazine and so perfect for you to have a feature in it 🙂

    • Thank you Liz! I was so excited to finally see it in print, and it really is such a great magazine. xx

  9. That is exciting! Congratulations. I managed to find a copy to buy on Fruday so I look forward to reading your interview.

    • Oh brilliant! I’m so glad someone found it in a shop. So many stockists seem to have not received it yet! xx

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